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Flyer Man

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will I receive my flyers?
Non Express Flyers turnaround:
Deliver to Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, George or Bloemfontein - 5 days
Deliver to outlying areas like Pietermaritzburg - 6 days
Add one day extra to deliver to areas that don't fall within our main centres. Eg Richards Bay: 5 days (Durban) + 1 extra day = 6 days

How quickly will I receive them using the Express Service products?
Express Service turnaround guideline: (Specified products only)
Collect from factory in Pretoria or deliver to Johannesburg - 2 days
Deliver to Pretoria, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, George or Bloemfontein - 3 days
Deliver to Cape Town or Pietermaritzburg - 4 days
Add one day extra to deliver to areas that don't fall within our main centres. Eg Richards Bay: 3 days (Durban) + 1 extra day = 4 days

Can I split my 2500/5000 flyers into 2 or more different sets? (same applies to business cards)
Flyer Man specialises in printing for multiple clients at the same time in quantities of 2500 or 5000 so the minimum amount per design is the amount you have been quoted ie. if you want 2 x 2500 flyers you will need to pay for 2 x 2500 flyers, you can't pay for 5000 flyers and split them.

How much would it cost to print 1000 flyers?
Because the print run is shared amongst various clients the machine and plate costs are reduced which means it will be cheaper to print 2500 flyers than it would cost to print 1000 flyers on a private print run.

How much cheaper is it to print on one side only?
It is the same price to print single or double sided because the flyers are going to go through the printer both sides anyway.

Can I have flyers printed on a matt paper or a different weight paper?
All flyers are printed on 115gsm gloss because this is the most popular choice in flyers paper.

Can you send me a sample of the flyers you print?
Due to cost and time wasting implications Flyer Man does not send sample flyers to clients. Our paper is 115gsm gloss which is a good quality, popular choice of flyer paper and our printer is an award winner with the South African Printing Association. Flyer Man offers a 100% money back guarantee on our print quality.

When do I pay?
Proof of payment is required in full before any work will commence. Payment by EFT is required to avoid additional banking charges.

How do you want the artwork provided?
All completed artwork must:

  • have a 3mm bleed throughout
  • be CMYK. Black 100K
  • be saved as a PDF or JPG
  • be a minimum of 300dpi
  • have all text converted to paths

What is bleed?
Bleed is a printing expression that refers to the area around the design that is trimmed off, allowing the design to look as though the printing went to the edge of the paper.


What is CMYK and Black 100K
Most design programs (Photoshop, InDesign etc) have an option to design in Print/CMYK or Web/RGB. For the most accurate results design that is intended for print media should be designed in the Print/CMYK settings. The black text etc should also be set to 100%K in order to print a true black.

Can I send a design made in Publisher, Word or Excel?
These programs were not intended for print design so you will find that the colours will not look exactly the same as you see them on your screen. If you only have these programs as an option you must save the documant as a pdf - we do not accept them as .pub, .doc or .xls files as fonts and sizes change.

What folding options are there?
There are almost unlimitless folding options but you will need to include fold lines if your fold is not one of the popular choices found in the graphic below.
fold options

What distribution options are there?

  • Knock and drop - Distribution directly into post boxes
  • Robot distribution - Hand your flyers to cars while they are waiting at the robot at a busy intersection.
  • School/club distribution - Ask the principal/chairperson of the institution if they are able to assist in the distribution of your flyers.
  • Inserts - Pay a publisher to insert your flyers into a specific newspaper/magazine that you would like to make contact with their readers.
  • Tourism information - Distribution is often allowed for free at various tourist information stands in our country.
  • Shop counters - Ask the local shops in your area if they would mind keeping a stack of flyers to distribute from their counters.

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